Stream Team

Missouri has 110,000 miles of streams that provide recreation, drinking water, serenity for ourselves and our families and are vital for wildlife that reside and is dependent on these pathways.  But they need our help! A Missouri Stream Team is a working partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation and we provide an opportunity for all interested in river and stream preservation to get involved by promoting citizen awareness and actively participating in river and stream conservation.

We participate in clean-ups and provide training and educational opportunities to help promote a better understanding of stream systems and the problems they face. There is an enormous need for volunteers to help with the tasks involving clean up, education, and training. Please join Joplin Kayak and Canoe Stream Team as we SPLASH and make WAVES in our desire to preserve our streams and rivers for future generations to enjoy.

Please complete the form below and help us make a difference. By providing this information you will also be notified of other events and activities with our team.

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