Spring River, OK

White Water: I   |   Difficulty: I

This page is for the section of Spring River that crosses over into Oklahoma. Spring River is fed by Big Spring near its source, Big Spring has a daily flow of 12.3 Million Gallons of water a day. Spring River is a fast-paced stream for the most part of Missouri but slows down once hitting the flatlands of Kansas. The river was very important to Native Americans and was known as one of “Seven Bulls,” a term used by Native Americans describing the rivers of southwest Missouri.


Water Gauge

Note: Never float on high water! If water is brown or has floating debris stay out of the water. 

Spring River near Quapaw, OK

Current Level: 8080

Water level Graph for Spring River near Quapaw, OK

Spring River near Quapaw, OK

Gage Height: 10.99

Water level Graph for Spring River near Quapaw, OK

Access Map

Note: A Creek/River’s environment will change constantly.  Always use caution and follow all safety procedures when floating.

Before crossing the state lines, please remember floating most of Kansas is considered trespassing without permission from landowners. This section of spring river starting in Baxter Springs is open to public use.   

0.0 Riverside Park
(37.02291042138873, -94.71988508157665)
01.71 State Line
(36.998772956665654, -94.71218841536029)
03.17 Fivemile Creek
(36.980713627277474, -94.70033714162128)
05.42 Blue Hole Canoe Floats, Inc (Private)
(36.96131416755602, -94.7235328858369)
05.61 Bicentennial Park (CLOSED)
(36.960212127905336, -94.72096239056555)
08.64 Devils Promenade
(36.93440865311881, -94.74459486467822)
14.67 Hwy 10
(36.87138468194614, -94.76503329802654)
22.18 Twin Bridges Access
(36.804146711266235, -94.75525396395824)