Hello, all you fellow river rats! Although we have a trauma kit, we are still in serious need of donations for our first aid kits! We have a PayPal link to make donating easier with a goal set of $300.00. That should be enough to cover all the supplies and the five containers to put them in. The first aid kits will be used only for group excursions and river cleanups, which can be nasty and dangerous, and we all know accidents happen. There is another river clean up on the 29th of September. We would love to feel a little more prepared when we head out.
Joplin Kayak and Canoe is a group of fun and water-loving individuals funded solely by our fun and water-loving members. There will be absolutely no profiting from the donations. Our group will just be a little safer out there on the streams. The link for donations will be taken down once our need is met. Thank you all and continue to have fun and stay safe on the water!